Research Options

Our research library is open every Wednesday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, the first Saturday of every month, or by appointment during regular hours.  Non-Member library fee is $10.00 per person.

To assist patrons who are unable to travel to Huntingdon County and visit the Huntingdon   County Historical Society, the library offers several types of research. 


The Society will provide the necessary documentation and 30 minutes of research time for a fee of $10.00. The abbreviated search can cover locations, buildings, churches, organizations, etc. and surnames with the first name included.  You may choose five (5) of the following titles of books and authors:
  • The Susquehanna & Juniata Valleys Everetts, Peck & Richards 1886
  • A History of the Juniata Valley, National Historical Incorporated. 1936
  • Rung’s Chronicles of Pennsylvania History Vol. 1(1946-1951) Vol. 2 (1951-1957) Albert Rung
  • History of Huntingdon & Blair Counties. S. Africa, 1873
  • History of Juniata Valley and its People. John W. Jordan 1913
  • Commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia of Juniata Valley M.Runk 1897
  • Death / Marriage Index
  • Obituary Collection
  • Pennsylvania Birth Certificates 1906 to 1966
  • McElroy’s Family Memories 1930
Search will begin upon receipt of the requested information and the. $10.00 fee.

Abbreviated Search Services


The Online Research covers research for one surname or a topic of interest during a specific ten (10) year period, using online resources.  You will need to provide the full name of an individual, township location and any other pertinent information you might possess. The Society provides this search and up to 5 pages of findings for a fee of $25.00.
Search will begin upon you supplying the following information: surname or topic of interest, specific ten (10) year period and township and any other pertinent information you might have and receipt of a $25.00 fee.

Online Research Services


Contract Research will cover up to two (2) hours of research on the subject of interest. Please provide as much information as possible about the subject and what you’re seeking to learn. If you’re searching for individuals, then the search will cover ONE generation of a surname including the husband and wife under the surname.  Please provide as much of the following as known:  name(s) of the couple to be researched along with dates and locations of births, marriages, deaths; any locations where they lived; and any other information such as military service, occupations, etc.  Also, include any of this same information about the couples’ parents and children where possible.
The research fee is $50.00 for non-members and $40.00 for members, which will cover ONE of the following, please indicate which area you want to be searched:
  • A search of Historical Society Records (Ancestry. com if time allows).
  • A search of Huntingdon County Courthouse records.
  • A search of local newspapers on microfilm at Juniata College
  • Taking photographs of grave sites (note due to distance and location of grave(s), if necessary additional funds are needed for mileage where applicable. Prior notification must occur!
Search will begin upon receipt of $50.00 non-member fee or the $40.00 member fee and information indicated above.

Contract Research Services



Tax Research covers tax records available at the Huntingdon County Historical Society. We will research one surname along with two first names (example- looking for a father, son, brothers, etc.) from one (1) township in Huntingdon County in any ten year period.  The Society will provide this search for a fee of $60.00.     We have tax records available for the following Townships:
Warriors Mark
Search will begin upon you supplying the following information: surname with first name and township you want to be researched during a specific ten year period and receipt of the $60.00 fee.
Note:  Tax records beginning in 1788 through 1833 are available on a flash drive or DVD at a cost of $25.00 per flash drive or DVD.
For all searches, please include in your request any information and sources you have already researched so we do not duplicate the search.
Please submit the appropriate fee depending on the type of research requested with as much information you have to:
Huntingdon County Historical Society
P.O. Box 305
Huntingdon, PA 16652
Once we receive the information and the required fee a researcher will be assigned.

Tax Research Services

For further details, you may contact our office by phone at 814-643-5449 or by e-mail at