Hartslog Heritage Museum

The Hartslog Heritage Museum was founded in 1975 through the action of several members of the Alexandria Memorial Public Library. The Library building is still home to the museum today, with the museum taking up the entire second floor.

The Library was constructed in 1906 and was paid for by William Woolverton and William Thomas, great-grandsons of Elizabeth Gemmill, who originally laid out the town. When the Library was constructed the second floor was an auditorium with several hundred seats, designed to fulfill the need of the local school which did not have an auditorium of its own.

The museum is filled with over 4000 artifacts which represent the areas’ past, both as part of Hartslog Valley and as a small town. The items in the collection remind us of how remarkably self-sufficient these towns were just a hundred years ago. From a country store to a blacksmith, a watch shop to a family parlor, the history being preserved in this museum is more than just that of our area but that of small towns all across the country. The museum is open the first Sunday of every month from 2-4pm or by appointment.

Schedule of Events

October: the second Saturday – Hartslog Day
A festival celebrating the Harvest, pumpkins and hand-made crafts from vendors from all over. There are children’s activities and lots of food.

Summary of Holdings

Historical Records

  • Rare Huntingdon County map

Museum Collection

  • Country Store area
    • Patent medicines
    • Other items from the 1830’s
  • Camera Collection
  • Paintings by local artists
  • Farm & Kitchen Utensils
  • Professional tools
    • Barrel maker’s tools
    • Carpenters tools
    • Clock/Watchmakers tools
    • Blacksmith and Coppersmith tool
  • Clothing Collection

Hartslog Heritage Museum

Contact: hartslogday@verizon.net
To arrange an appointment to tour the museum, please call the Hartslog Day Line
Phone: (814) 207-1410