Fort Shirley Heritage Association

The Shirleysburg Heritage Association was founded in 1976 as part of the area’s bicentennial planning committee. Following this event, the committee realized that the preservation of the area’s history was important and decided to continue operations. In 1981 the log cabin structure, picture above, was opened to serve as both a museum and home for the Association. The museum is open by appointment as well as during several of the Association’s special events throughout the year.

Every June there is an open house during which a speaker comes, the museum is open, and special exhibits are on display.

Schedule of Events

June – Open House
Speaker, the museum is open, and special exhibits are on display.

December – Welcome Post
Every property has a welcome post decorated with fresh pine swags and a kerosene lantern which is lit Christmas Eve and burns throughout the night.

Summary of Holdings

Historical Records

  • Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian Church Info
  • Local History Books
  • 1950’s sketch of Forth Shirley

Museum Collection

  • Area Native American Artifacts
  • Pottery from three local potters
  • Cigar Factory items
  • Blacksmith tools
  • Antiques from the 1800’s donated by local families
  • Replica of George Croghan’s Trading Post

Genealogical Information

  • Local Family Histories
  • Original Shirleysburg Herald (newspaper) 1855-1862
  • Shirleysburg Property Research Information
  • Books on local families
  • Dr. McKnight’s Birth/Death record book
    • Births 1860 – 1875
    • Deaths 1865 – 1872

Fort Shirley Heritage Association

Shirleysburg Borough
Attn. Shirleysburg Heritage Association
Po Box 40
16858 West Street
Shirleysburg, PA 17260

To schedule an appointment please contact either:
Sally Love
Phone: (814) 447-3968
Marcia Slates

Phone: (814) 599-9456