Mount Union Area Historical Society

The Mount Union Historical Society was formed in 1976 as an outgrowth of the area centennial planning group. The first goal of the group was to save the Sharrar house, pictured above. This house originally backed onto the Pennsylvania Canal; the basement was a store while the upstairs was a home. The house is now home to the Historical Society’s museum where a number of artifacts from the Mount Union area are on display.Next door to the Sharrar house, on the other side of the Historical Society’s park, is their main office and research building. This building is filled with a vast collection of resources which tell the story of Mount Union’s past.

Both the Museum and Research Center are open throughout the summer.

Hours: In the Summer, Thursdays from 1PM to 4PM


Schedule of Events:

August – mid – Auction

October: First Saturday – Canal Era Days
The museum will is open for tours. Music is provided and lots of food is available.Many vendors also demonstrate their craft at the Event. Vendors include:

  • Canoe making
  • Weaving
  • Spinning
  • Tin punching
  • Wood tooling
  • And more

Summary of Holdings

Historical Record

  • Mount Union Times, 1877 – 1967
  • Map of the original town layout
  • 1919 Street Map
  • 1883 County Map
  • Histories of a number of area businesses
  • Brick Industry Records


  • MUAHS yearbooks from the school’s founding to present
  • Records from a number of defunct local organizations, including:
  • Women’s Club
  • Lions Club
  • Red Men’s Association
  • Photo Collection of Mount Union and vicinity
  • Sellers Photo Collection

Museum Collections

  • Quilt Collection
  • Period Clothing Collection
  • Brick Industry artifacts

Genealogical Resources

  • Census records, 1790 – 1900
  • Published books on local families
  • Folders containing research on a large number of area families

Mount Union Area Historical Society

P.O. Box 118
Mount Union, PA 17066

Murray Africa
Phone: (814) 542-2534