Research Options

Our research library is open every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 4pm, during regular seasonal hours – April through November. Non-Member library fee is $10.00 per person

 If you are not able to come to the research library, please consider the options below.


 :::::::::: CONTRACT RESEARCH ::::::::::

Search fee = $50.00 for non-members / $40.00 for members
 *Search covers ONE generation of a surname (includes husband & wife under the surname).

 Fee covers ONE of the following (Please indicate which area of research listed):

  • Search of Historical Society records ( if time allows.)
  • Search of Huntingdon County Courthouse records.
  • Search of local newspapers on microfilm at Juniata College.
  • Taking photographs of grave sites (note – due to distance and location of grave(s), if necessary additional funds for gas where applicable.  Prior notification will occur.)

  Fee covers approximately 2 hours of research (if it is determined the search will be more extensive and more funds are needed, prior notification will occur before continuing.)

  *Report of sources checked and copies sent upon completion of research.

  Please submit with the fee as much of the following:

  • Names of couple to be researched/couple’s parents/couple’s children.
  • Dates and locations of birth/marriage/death/burial.
  • Locations lived in.
  • Any military information.
  • Sources already checked (note – to avoid duplication and make best use of research time.)

 *Search will begin upon receipt of fee and information.


:::::::::: ONLINE RESEARCH  ::::::::::

Search fee = $25.00 for ONE name or topic of interest using online resources for members/non-members.  Five pages of hard copies will be included.
For further details regarding Online Research, please contact our office at 814-643-5449.

       *Search will begin upon receipt of fee and information.


:::::::::: TAX RESEARCH ::::::::::

Search fee of tax records at historical society $60.00.

Search of tax assessment records covers ONE name for twenty years.

Tax Records: Tax records beginning in 1788 through the mid-1830’s are available on CD/DVD for $25.00 per township, for the following townships:

Barree                                       Porter                                       Warriors Mark
Dublin                                      Shirley                                      West
Franklin                                    Springfield                                Woodbury
Henderson                                Tell
Hopewell                                  Tyrone
Huntingdon                               Union
Morris                                       Walker


:::::::::: QUICK SEARCH ::::::::::

 Search fee = $5.00 for ONE name covers 20 minutes in ‘5’ of the following resources:

  1. The Susquehanna & Juniata Valleys, Everetts, Peck & Richards, 1886
  2. A History of the Juniata Valley, National Historical Assoc. Incorp., 1936
  3. Rung’s Chronicles of Pennsylvania History, Vol 1 (1946-51); Vol 2 (1951-57), Albert Rung
  4. History of Huntingdon & Blair Counties, J.S. Africa, 1873
  5. History of Juniata Valley & Its People, John W. Jordan, 1913
  6. Commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia of Juniata Valley, J.M. Runk, 1897
  7. Death/Marriage Index
  8. Obituary Collection

       *Search will begin upon receipt of fee and information including what 5 resources you would like checked.